Love my ableism with a side of racism 😬

That's sarcasm btw

Also, be mindful of the impact that pushing #/AutisticSavage may have on Indigenous & Black autistic folk
[Every other person on this planet goes through a form of ABA when growing up. It's being taught how polite society expects you to act. Having Autism really isn't an excuse to avoid those lessons & grow up like a savage. Society will shun all who don't behave. Do you want that?]
Let it be known that this is riddled with absolute bs

1. "Polite society" is hecka drenched in white supremacy,

2. Being taught how to interact withouts exists *outside of* compliance driven peramiters,

3. The ABA-like abuse kids go through is *also* a think we want to stop,
4. Again. Savage. Racism. Like, ????

Like wow, just because we exist under oppressive systems does not give edification as to why that should be more heavily invested in.

Is just bad.
Is just 🚮

Throwbthe whole *everything* away.
Light it on fire. Burn the ashes.
So, I checked before saying this,

Of course a white autistic would think it'd be okay to start a tag like #AutisticSavage 😑

& so far I have yet to see any BIPoC use it.

This that divide we keep talkin about.

She really thought she was bein cute makin this 🙄
Savage & derivatives of it can have both racist & ableist connontations.

Don't let slippin up on aave get you twisted 👀
Also also, I would encourage *not* leaning into "i'm not a savage, you're a savage" or anything similar

Think of it the same way we would navigate "stupid". We don't toss it around, we call it out & cut it off there.
It's literally Indigenous Peoples Day y'all 🤦🏾
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