dishes skz would bring to thanksgiving dinner: a (nother 🙄) thread
disclaimer again this thread is a joke ! 😋
bang chan: nothing 😶
• his ass would b so excited to eat he'd forget to bring food
• would feel really bad so he'd borrow shit from your fridge and make sawsage sizzull 🤪
• would eat everyones leftovers
lee minho: a single can of cranberry sauce
• its opened
• "i got hungry on the way over but that shit mad nasty 😐"
• leaves immediately after dinner
seo changbin: sweet potato pie
•tried to bake one himself (it didnt go well) so bought one
•probably doesnt even like sweet potatoes
•tries a little of everyones dish to b polite
hwang hyunjin: boxed mash potatoes
•its still in the box 👀
•he also brought a can of gravy
•does not eat chans sausage sizzle 😔💔
han jisung: peppermints
•knows he cant cook so he didnt even try
•they were in his pocket
• cant drive so he carpooled w/ minho so he has to leave early too
lee felix: pumpkin pie brownies
• r e a l l y milking his brownie recipe
• a sweetheart so he arrived early to help you prep and stays late to clean
•loses his mind when chan makes sausage sizzle
kim seungmin: mac n cheese
• its homemade (and you can tell cos its a lil d r y 👀)
• but its the thought that counts
• wont leave hyunjin and his mashed potatoes alone
yang jeongin: canned ham
• gets sad when no one eats it
• everyone feels bad and ends up finishing it
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