The way this is done is voters knowingly vote for a candidate who promises to break laws, or who has broken laws.

The Georgia voters who vote for Kelly Loeffler, for example, are choosing a form of government not based on rule of law.
So if, for example, a majority of voters choose a form of government not based on rule of law, rule of law will die.

How do you persuade such voters not to vote for lawbreakers?

Maybe we can't. Maybe we outnumber them.

Anti-democratic voters have always been with us. . .
The Trumps and McConnells and Loeffler supporters have always been with us. They supported slavery, which was obviously not "rule of law" in the sense we mean. They supported Jim Crow, which was obviously not democratic.
This is correct. When they talk about the "deep state" they mean the regulatory agencies and regulations that prevent [white] men from cheating and grabbing whatever they want.

They want to go back to the good old days--which was most of American history.
In the 19th century (and most of the 20th) we lived in a hierarchy (a patriarchy) with power concentrated in the hands of white men.

It was great (for white men)
🔹They could grab land!
🔹They could grab women!
🔹Before regulatory agencies, they could fix prices. . .
. . .and cheat.

Some people think that nature forms a hierarchy. They don't believe in equality because they don't believe people are equal.


They believe that laws that create "fairness" cheat and hamper THEM.
They break the laws that they do not believe should exist. Trump uses the pardon power to pardon people for breaking laws that he doesn't think should exist.

They don't like regulatory agencies (like the FBI) which look at white men who violate regulations.
The reason so many laborers do not support the party that supports labor is that they think their interests are more closely aligned to the hierarchy.

So they choose hierarchy over "fairness."
They choose lawbreakers over regulations.
Democracy is a form of government that derives from rule of law. The problem for many people is if you follow the precepts of democracy to the logical conclusion, you smash the hierarchy, and they don't want to do that.

So they vote against rule of law.
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