The real conspirators haven't been brought to book yet!
The conspirators planned it to frame RSS & discredit #Hindus. But luckily Ajmal Kasab was caught alive. Had he been shot dead, the story would have been different. Even a book was ready & published. All roam free.
Much of the 26/11 has been brushed under the carpet. This govt should open up a fair investigation to establish all facts that lead to this conspiracy & put on record the absolute failure of UPA to respond adequately to #Pakistan
And note the saffron thread on the wrists of Ajmal Kasab by this unacclaimed photographer & journalist.. Why was he wearing it? It goes with the book release "26/11 RSS ki Saazish release & conspiracy to frame #Hindu organization's & #RSS
Everyone must raise questions which are unanswered. The Nation should demand justice for all those brave civilians & the forces who laid down their lives. There is much expectation from #Bjp govt on this.I have compiled this thread just for such a purpose
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