You nak hilangkan acne scars yang warna merah atau nama lain dia Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE)? Dah macam2 product guna tapi susah sangat nak nampak kesan?

Then this thread is for you! 👇🏻
Acne is often temporary but nak hilangkan acen scars tu laaagi lama kan?

People always highlight on how to fade dark spots (PIH) kan tapi tahu tak those with LIGHTER skin tone akan tend to have PIE instead of PIH?

Read the tips below on how to treat PIE 👇🏻

If you PINCH your pimple and you TAK SENGAJA touch other parts of your face, don't you think your act boleh add lagi banyak acne beranak dekat muka? 😆

More acne = more PIE ada sebab you dah rosakkan blood capillary near your skin surface.
2⃣ Search for anti-inflammatory and skin barrier repair ingredient

🔎 Niacinamide
🔎 Centella Asiatica extract
🔎 Green tea extract
🔎 Aloe vera extract

Our RSS ada anti-inflammatory and skin barrier repair ingredient untuk soothe redness & repair skin barrier tau 😎
3⃣ Change pillowcase regularly, clean phone devices & avoid touching face

Every possible reason yang boleh bring to acne, kita avoid ❌

Semua ni related to hygiene sebab when dirty places = banyak bacteria. Lagi banyak bacteria = lagi senang acne membiak dekat muka!
4⃣ Avoid using harsh scrub, treatment or facial brush

These 3 things boleh irritate and damage your skin barrier. Dia bukan deep cleanse pori, but they make your skin prone to damage 😥

Skin barrier rosak = more prone to get acne and breakout = senang dapat PIE
5⃣ Wear sunscreen in the morning and reapply every 2-3 hours

UV rays from sunlight ada free radical yang boleh rosakkan skin barrier.

To avoid free radical damage, protection from sunscreen with SPF 50 feature is the BEST 💯
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