A THREAD on #AhmedPatel as Congress Chairperson’s chief Political adviser since he became the Congress’s central piece, post-Rajiv-era.
Here my focus is how Modern Congress's (established by Sonia and Ahmed Bhai) conduct marks a distinct break from the party’s past. https://twitter.com/shwetankbhushan/status/1331909282003038208
Rewind to 2002, it was Ahmed Patel's idea to target Modi. The Sonia brigade worked tirelessly for a decade to implicate Mr. Modi legally, and if that was unsuccessful, at least run a vicious campaign working with the political journalists to tarnish his image as a communal bigot.
All the central agencies - IB, CBI, NIA, were pitched against each other. SITs were formed and entrusted to fix political opponents, especially the then Gujarat CM, Narendra Modi everyone near, or politically attached to him, at any cost.
The Batla House Encounter was part of the doctrine. #AhmedPatel's operatives in the media floated the theory of fake encounter targeting innocent Muslims. The theories have been laid to rest, but the suspicion in the minds of the general public was reasonably well-executed.
The 26/11 attacks on Mumbai shook the country like never before. Had Ajmal Kasab not been caught alive, the sinister plot was to wreak havoc and pass off the terrorists as Hindus. The entire plan went bust because Tukaram Omble caught Kasab alive.
Reports were alleging a meeting in a 5-Star hotel in Italy about one month after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. The meeting was allegedly attended by $onia Gandhi, the ISI man Ahmed Shuja Pasha, Arjun Modwadia, and #AhmedPatel. We will never come to know about the reality
The New Congress brazenly misused the CBI to frame Amit Shah, arrested by CBI for his "alleged" role in the Sohrabuddin encounter case. The Apex Court had observed no evidence against Shah. The CBI (under #AhmedPatel's Congress) had a "premeditated theory and script.
There was clear proof of a political conspiracy. The New Congress wasn't willing to spare anyone who comes in their pursuit of the Gandhi Family's power.
In 2017, 2 suspected ISIS operatives were arrested. They used to work at a hospital run under #AhmedPatel.
What a coincidence!
Rarely has one witnessed a Rajya Sabha election that was as nail-biting as of #AhmedPatel's. Congress party lost the GujaratElection just for securing RS Seat for Ahmad Bhai. If the Congress had shown such zeal in Goa & Manipur, they probably would have Cong-Govt in 2 states.
Being the treasurer of Congress, Ahmed Bhai was the custodian of the loot and held as Benami.
Remember when Christian Michel sang and the ED decoded the names in its charge sheet - AP being #AhmedPatel? He was moving channel to channel, claiming he is not the AP in question.
Why would a political non-entity like #AhmedPatel was so important? Ahmed Bhai was needed to keep Gandhi's in power. 2015 Patel Andolan or the Una Dalit Lynching scandal - were all masterminded by AP. It is not mere politics but detailed history of the political witch hunt.
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