🚨 #SeattleProtests Community Alert:

We have reason to believe that a likely infiltrator/agent provocateur by the name of John Sullivan, or “Activist John,” is attempting to insert himself in the Seattle protest community.

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John has been kicked from the #SaltLakeCity and #Portland protest scenes due to alarming behaviors including grifting/profiteering, self-promotion/clout chasing, sabotage of community actions, threats of violence, and — maybe most disturbingly — ties to the far-right.

In short — John’s brother, James, is the co-founder of a pro-Trump org called “Civilized Awakening,” and has strong ties to Proud Boys — even having spoken at a Proud Boy rally. The brothers’ polarized political stances conveniently bolster the other's public personas.

Activists in these cities recommend that he be barred from community actions and totally avoided. Social media accounts claiming to be “Seattle-based" yet aligning with John’s MO have been popping up and interacting with existing local protest groups in the past few days.

In addition to recently attempting to cozy up to our local orgs, (Including Rebellion Baby. Stop trying to be friends with us, John.) he’s doing a looooot of talking on his socials about wanting to move away from Utah.🙃

To get a better idea of John's behaviors and impacts on protest communities: This document from a PDX comrade lays it out. It’s an important, detailed read — and ends with the recommendation of a "complete and total, national lock out."

(Links at end of this thread.)

More warnings about John from protesters who have encountered him. In addition to SLC and PDX, he was recently seen in DC during the week of the Million MAGA March:

Screenshots of posts by the account @/watchriotporn, which was originally @/anarchybloc — one of John’s accounts. Most posts are full blown fash and make references to the account having “informants.”

We have a rather full, yet likely v incomplete list of John’s online accounts. Please block em, baby. If you’re in Seattle and have been contacted by these or similar accounts, please DM us.

1. Websites: 

http://www.insurgenceusa.com https://www.activistjohn.com/ 

2. YouTube: 

Activist X https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfXh9pdmgESJsVCo2F52Z-A
Insurgence USA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzFk ...

3. Twitter:

3. Twitter (cont.):

4. Facebook:
@/therealinsurgenceusa  https://www.facebook.com/therealinsurgenceusa

5. Instagram:
@/theblackfistcoalition  https://www.instagram.com/blackfistcoalition/
@/officialinsurgenceusa  https://www.instagram.com/officialinsurgenceusa/

6. Emails:
[email protected]
[email protected]
in*************@g****.*** (Likely [email protected] or similar)

7. Signal: “Fascist Fighter"

8. Discord: https://discord.com/invite/AMKHq7T 

9. Streamlabs: Insurgence USA https://streamlabs.com/iamactivistjohn 

10. Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/iamactivistjohn 

11. Tik Tok: @/iamactivistjohn

12. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/pdxriots/ 

We don’t want our Seattle comrades to panic, but instead to remain vigilant and tighten up vetting/opsec practices. John definitely works with a team. Document and block suspicious accounts. The following are behaviors of infiltrators/agents provocateurs to watch for:

1. New to the community, yet ignores existing safety standards. Eager to take on sudden leadership roles.

2. Burned bridges or untraceable ties from prior communities. Lacking references.

3. Moves quickly through different orgs and leaves a wake of discourse or drama.

4. Charismatic/zealous, but acts without conviction.

5. Grandiose plans of actions that are highly illegal/risky, but they want YOU to do it.

6. Gravitates towards other abusers and grifters.

7. Poor opsec/infosec, lack of interest in protecting comrades’ anonymity.

8. Suspicious social media presence - new accounts, high # of follower w/ low engagement, or circular engagement within a few similar accounts.

9. Spending doesn’t match stated source of income.

10. Lashes out and makes accusations when confronted.

11. Prioritizing personal financial or reputational gain. Grifting/profiteering, lack of transparency, centering their own story or “brand.” Eager to talk to press.

12. Fash, police, or fed connections (personal, professional, familial)

In closing, we encourage everyone to set strict boundaries. There is NO reason to work with Activist John or anyone associated with him. Please DM us if you have sensitive info to share.

Thank you to the comrades who contributed to this research. Much love. 💖✨

Relevant Sources:

1. Brother James: Interview with James about the “radicalization” of his once conservative brother, John:

2. Activist John: “From Olympic hopeful and successful freight broker to left wing extremist" https://www.ptnewsnetwork.com/from-olympic-hopeful-and-successful-freight-broker-to-left-wing-extremist-john-sullivans-story/

Relevant Sources (cont.)

5. Activist John: ”Organizer of Provo protest arrested, accused of rioting, making threats” https://www.deseret.com/utah/2020/7/10/21320220/organizer-of-provo-protest-arrested-accused-of-rioting-making-threats

6. Activist John: 11/22/20 Soundcloud Interview: https://soundcloud.com/user-678334342-302688310/a-conversation-with-activist-john

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