A thread from Wooyoung's lyrics in ATEEZ's songs 🎶❤

Happy Birthday Wooyoung 🎉🎂

🎶 From 🎶
All thing beautiful
Belong to you
So don't worry
Althought i have yet to fully convey myself, thank you very much
🎶 Pirate King 🎶
Step 1, 2, 3, and 1, 2, 3, let's go
Will you be my friend?
🎶 Treasure 🎶
To the place nobody has found
My Treasure
🎶 Say My Name 🎶
Yes sir responding to call
Call me and call me, take my hand, look in my eyes
I'm trembling, I'm shaking, my heart is thumping
🎶 Aurora 🎶
I haven't found a word yet to describes this So I keep saying the same thing
Protect me, My Aurora
🎶 Wave 🎶
If this moment is our wave Don't be afraid and face ir harder
We're hotter than others under the sun
Don't worry Go over the wave
🎶 Illusion 🎶
There's a voice from somewhere telling me "We party all day"
🎶 Wonderland 🎶
Okay, the door for truth is opening in front of there
🎶 Answer 🎶
Like a burning flame
Call, call, call us right now
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