1) Just looking ahead, and NOT counting any chickens.

2) If Trump pulls this out he should go full Attila the Hun in 2021. Make them impeach him again. Who cares?

3) Very first meeting with Yertle: "Yertle, if you want me to campaign for the 2 GA senate seats, . . .
3) contd . . . then tomorrow you're gonna move Minion to the most irrelevant committee you have. He better be on the dog catcher committee.
4) I'd pull out the old pardon book tomorrow, just to screw with people, and pardon Assange, any ICE guys wrongfully charged.

5) I'd declassify every last remaining JFK document and UFO document. A freakin' blizzard of declass. Screw the CIA.

6) You wanna claim security?
7) Try supporting your Commander in Chief.

8) I'd ENCOURAGE Botoxic to impeach me again. Give me the honor of beating impeachment twice. Cuz there's not 67 votes to convict no matter who holds the senate. Make her waste another two years and lose the House.
9) I'd make FDR's use of federal largess look like a piker. Friends get mucho goodies. Enemies? Yank every bit of funding I possibly can and make them sue, sue, sue.

10) I'd go FULL THANOS on their ass.
11) Ya'll read what the Republicans did to the DemoKKKrats in Reconstruction? That was sandbox stuff.

12) Yes, Trump will rebuild the economy, but every waking minute needs to be spend destroying the Deep State with prejudice.
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