When @natashafbanks, @NickHayden, Julie Hanna and I kickstarted the ABC's Australia Talks project in 2019, one of our (many!) goals was to help inform the ABC's commissioning and coverage decisions by providing information about what the public thinks and feels.
As the ABC unveiled its TV slate for 2021 yesterday, I couldn't help but notice the overlaps with what the Australia Talks National Survey found...
In Australia Talks, we found that 77% of Australians thought they would be happier if they spent more time in nature. Well, do Aaron Pedersen and @hollyringland ever have the inspiration for that. https://twitter.com/ABCTV/status/1331439479211532288
Australia Talks found 90% of people think most politicians will lie if the truth will hurt them politically. In 2021, @ABCTV and @ChristiaanVanV will examine the state of our politics in The As Yet Unnamed Democracy Project. https://twitter.com/ABCTV/status/1331455124267560960
72% of Australians say they would *never* want to live in a nursing home. Next year, series two of Old People's Home for 4-Year-Olds will again bring together our oldest and youngest generations to see what they can learn from one another. https://twitter.com/ABCTV/status/1331437468709695490
58% of Australians think there should be as many women in leadership roles as there are men. In 2021, @annabelcrabb will gather a cast of powerful parliamentarians to tell us the 100-year history of women in our corridors of power. https://twitter.com/ABCTV/status/1331437976627408896
74% of people believe that an appreciation of Australia's natural environment is highly important to our sense of "being Australian". In 2021, check out Quoll Farm, where a family of eastern quolls have made a refuge for themselves in Tasmania. https://twitter.com/ABCTV/status/1331438474583552002
Only 29% of people think men and women are treated equally in today's Australian society. Next year, the documentary Brazen Hussies will tell the story of how the fust was list on the Women's Liberation Movement in Australia. https://twitter.com/ABCTV/status/1331438224082874369
70% of Aussies think the bush is central to our national character, and 64% think people who live outside Australia's big cities get a raw deal. @heatherewart1 and @pipcourtney will be back with Back Roads and Landline to tell important stories from our regional communities.
Australia Talks found 80% of people think that most of their fellow Australians are ignorant about the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Firestarter will help build understanding of an important slice of that history. https://twitter.com/ABCArts/status/1331437827821801475
Most Australians think people with a disability often face discrimination. Love On The Spectrum provides an insight into real life for adults on the autism spectrum. https://twitter.com/ABCTV/status/1331440715335929856
An overwhelming 93% of people think Australians should show more respect for one another. You Can't Ask That helps us all understand each other a little better. https://twitter.com/ABCTV/status/1331451277918744579
A massive 87% of people agree that Australians need to try harder to understand points of view that differ from their own. @abcnews staples such as @QandA, @ABCthedrum and @abc730 will be back, as ever, exploring the issues of the day and the week.
81% of Aussies think the variety of ethnic and cultural groups in Australia makes it a better place to live. In Chopsticks or Fork, @wojennifer examines how Chinese restaurants have become an integral part of the Australian experience.
This is a different survey, but the ABC's @VoteCompass found almost 90% of Australian support voluntary euthanasia. In Laura's Choice, we meet a 90-year-old who is determined to end things on her own terms. https://twitter.com/ABCTV/status/1331439199141187586
Australia Talks found that 29% of Australians would rather spend time with pets than people. In 2021, the ABC will follow five graziers as they train new kelpie puppies to become Muster Dogs. https://twitter.com/ABCTV/status/1331437217869230082
To be clear, none of these shows were commissioned just because of Australia Talks. A huge range of factors go into such decisions, but the synergies are pretty strong. 🙌🙌
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