1) Ok, friends, some big victories today, good news across the board. . .

2) But I also would urge you to employ caution. As Jimmy Johnson used to say to the Dallas Cowboys after they would win an NFC Championship game, "You realize you still have one more game to go?"
3) So the good news: The hearing in PA was a smashing success. Very clearly the "audience" (and you know I've been preaching that Trump's team has to get to the right audience) of legislators is extremely sympathetic. If they have enough to deny certification on their own . . .
3) contd . . . remains to be seen. But remember, an army of lambs led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lions led by a lamb, and it looks like we have some lions ready to lead there now.

4) The court case in PA is equally powerful, and I did not realize . . .
4) contd . . . until moments ago that it put a freeze on certifying ALL down ballot races. So perhaps Sean Parnell still has a chance. Who knows? If a couple of other states follow suit, we only need 4 seats to get the House.

5) The suit in NV looks good, by which I mean . . .
5) contd . . . it i contesting far, far more votes than Trump need to win NV (7 EVs).

6) One suit was filed in GA with two more coming. Of the remaining states where Trump can win, I think in order his best chances are GA, then NV, then WI, then MI. MI is last only because . .
6) contd . . . the number there is about 150,000. Still, given the level of fraud in Wayne, this is basically an audit of a couple of blocks.

7) So far, AZ is lacking an audit. Trying to get confirmation on the final unofficial number, but it has now dropped to entirely . . .
7) contd . . . doable levels of either 6,000 or 4,000. Obviously, 4,000 is better. Working on this.

8) It's a shame Team Trump did NOT have enough lawyers and time to contest MN and NH as well. I think MN was within the margin of fraud.
9) In short, we are miles ahead of where we were last week.

10) Trump's first goal: remove votes from Biteme & get him under 270.

11) Even if this ends at 269 each or both below 270, Trump wins in the House.
12) The second, quieter goal, MUST BE to try to get a review of John James in MI and of any House races in these contested states. I want blood.

I want both GA seats, MI, and I want the House.

Then we will "Make Georgia Howl," as Sherman once said.
13) That's yer pep talk.

14) Now for caution. We haven't yet won a damn thing. No votes have come off the board for Biteme, no votes have gone on for Trump.

15) Even if we get PA and GA, we need by my calculations MI or NV/WI, AZ/NV, AZ/WI. Some permutation.
16) DON'T make the mistakes the DemoKKKrats and Biteme did last week of spiking the football on the five yard line.
17) If, and big if, Trump succeeds, the turning point of this campaign will have occurred at . . .


18) In 1863, don't forget that despite a massive victory at Gettysburg, there was over a year of very hard war left, and the deal wasn't really sealed until 1864.
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