During the Bill #C12 debate, we were appalled that some MPs are calling for including fossil fuel execs on the climate accountability advisory body that this bill seeks to establish.

Here's a refresher THREAD on Big Oil's track record undermining climate action. #cdnpoli
Let's not forget that there is resounding evidence that @Shell knew about the climate crisis as early as the 1980s. They proceeded to bury what they knew, lobby against national + global climate action, and resource climate denialism. https://climateinvestigations.org/shell-oil-climate-documents/
Here is a full breakdown of all the nefarious ways in which @OilGasCanada has blocked action on climate change, dismantled environmental protections, and pushed for the violatin of Indigenous rights. http://rightsideofhistory.platform350.org/capp/ 
There are quite a few politicians who seem to forget Big Oil's criminal attempts to block climate action. Let's help them remember! If you have other examples, add 'em to this thread.

Convinced Big OIl has no place on the climate advisory body? Act👇 https://act.350.org/letter/c-12-response/
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