Wooyoung's hidden talents: an appreciation thread for our multi talented king

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Taekwondo master

Wooyoung is really good doing taekwondo, he learned it during high school but he only mentioned it once even tho he is so GOOD

This movement is one of the hardest, at black belt level, and yet he did it flawless

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Wooyoung was one of the members who choreographed their debut song Pirate king

A genius even since pre debut

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Dancing king

Wooyoung is part of ATEEZ's dance line because his dancing is always effortless and flawless

Even profesional dancers pointed out his unique dancing style saying that he is one of the members who stand out the most on choreos @ATEEZofficial

Wooyoung's spanish pronunciation is nice and easy to understand. He has been improving and learning more lately. Now he includes often spanish words on different stuff like his phrase 'sin prisa pero sin pausa'

Sign language

Wooyoung knows both korean & american SL

He incorporated korean SL on his parts, saying 'thank you' & 'I like you'. He did it to deliver the message of the song to more ppl

He also taught a fan american SL during a fancall @ATEEZofficial

Wooyoung is really good playing shooting games. Even when he tried gun shooting for the 1st time, he almost got a perfect score (190 out of 220 point). Later he got 1st place playing darts against the members

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Unique talent

Wooyoung is part of the 10% of the population who can touch their nose with their tongue

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Magic genius

Wooyoung is really good doing magic tricks. He even learned one magic trick after trying it ONCE and he also mastered some others after practicing them for a short time

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Wooyoung is also very flexible, probably thanks to his taekwondo training

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The members often joke abt Woo being a MC on every vlive since he often add a lot of comments while he also make sure every member is included asking them question

Wooyoung was one of the MC for Kang On Box & DJ on Idol Radio

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Wooyoung has been learning video editing since his debut days & now he has his own video serie. He is the director & editor. Always bringing different editing styles for his videos and getting better with every new one

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Wooyoung set the goal of getting a cooking certificate for korean cuisine, then started his own content abt it & he has been learning from the best chefs in Korea since then

Now he is getting praises from the members for his delicious food :')

Even tho Wooyoung said that 'he has no interest on acting', he is actually able to deliver strong and touching emotions when he takes it seriously just like he did during atz diary film

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Rumors also say that Wooyoung is able to make you his friend after talking once 👀

He is just the biggest social butterfly
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