Q: Aren't we in a rapid free-market energy transition from fossil fuels to solar and wind?

A: No. The 3.7% of American energy that comes from solar and wind is due mostly to *anti-market* policies that force utilities and consumers to buy unreliable, cost-increasing energy.
Claims that we are in a rapid transition away from fossil fuels are wrong.

In the past several decades, solar and wind have gone from providing virtually 0% of American energy to 9.6% of American electricity and just 3.7% of American energy overall.
Solar and wind's 3.7% market share is not due to the free market but rather *anti-market* policies that force consumers to use unreliable solar and wind even though they drive up energy costs.
Anti-market energy policy 1: Unfair electric grid rules that compel utilities to pay the same prices for unreliable solar and wind electricity as they do for reliable natural gas, coal, nuclear, and hydro electricity.
Anti-market energy policy 2: Mandates that force consumers to pay for solar and wind, regardless of how unreliable and expensive they are.
Anti-market energy policy 3: Subsidies that force taxpayers to pay even more unearned money to solar and wind companies.
The modest rise of unreliable solar and wind energy is not a free-market transition that will continue rapidly. It is an anti-competitive, destructive, and therefore unsustainable solar-and-wind welfare program.
If policymakers want to encourage cleaner or lower-carbon forms of energy they should decriminalize reliable nuclear energy, stop attacking modern natural gas production methods such as fracking, and stop opposing hydroelectric dams.
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