Trump personally benefits from pardoning Flynn, so the pardon is an abuse of power.

Abusing power is when you use the powers and privileges of your office for self-enrichment, and to subvert the national interests in favor of your own personal interests.

Sound familiar?

This is a misunderstanding:

The "except in cases of impeachment" is understood by constitutional scholars to mean that a pardon can't undo or stop an impeachment: A pardon can't restore the standing of someone who has been impeached and removed.

A pardon doesn't require an admission of guilt to go into effect.

It also does not expunge a person's record.

The conviction remains. The pardon simply says that the person has been forgiven and will not be punished.

Alexander Hamilton said the purpose of the pardon power was to mitigate the cruelty of criminal punishments in “unfortunate” cases. (Federalists papers 74)

Fact: 18th century punishments included stuff like hanging, branding, whipping, without "easy access to exceptions.”

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