(2/6) One case requiring in-person voting (unless PA Constitution otherwise allows) goes back to 1864. Another precedent in 1924: “The ballot cannot be sent by mail...[PA Sup Ct] cannot be persuaded that the [PA] Constitution ever contemplated any such mode of voting."
(3/6) The precedent continues: “The [PA] Constitution meant, rather, that the voter, in propria persona [i.e., in person], should offer his vote...”

The PA Constitution has been amended to permit absentee voting, but not general mail-in voting.
(4/6) PA Gen Assembly started process to amend PA Const last year to allow mail-in voting, but process wasn't completed.

Much chaos resulted on #ElectionDay because of mail-in voting. Many voters were forced to vote provisional because they alledgedly rec’d mail ballots.
(5/6) Some local election officials didn't know they were supposed to check lists of voters who would have rec’d mail ballots, but just let voters vote regular without checking. Then some voters forced to vote provisional had their provisional votes cancelled because of mistakes.
(6/6) The convolutions of mail-in voting & resulting chaos were not adequately considered when Gen Assembly passed Act 77. They could have provided a much better law, and one that was constitutional.

We'll see what PA Supreme Court does - will it overturn 150 yrs of precedent?
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