1. Senator David Perdue ( @sendavidperdue) has been caught brazenly lying about how he managed his stock portfolio.

Here are the FACTS.
2. Perdue has said categorically that he had NO INPUT WHATSOEVER on his stock trades as Senator.

This is what his spokesperson said LAST WEEK: "Senator Perdue doesn’t manage his trades, they are handled by outside financial advisors without his prior input or approval"
3. But according to a new report in the NYT, the FBI obtained evidence that in January, Perdue contacted his wealth manager at Goldman Sachs and instructed him to sell $1M worth of stock in Cardlytics.

The communication came after Perdue received an email from the company's CEO.
4. Perdue needs to explain why he lied to the public about his involvement in buying and selling stocks as Senator.

Why didn't he just tell the truth?

What else is he hiding?
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