1. This is one of those discoveries that gives real insight. One of our most treasured assets in this movement is; by research and hard work we uncover facts the everyday Americans won't know until they either join us or the game becomes public and the move becomes apparent. https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1331332399007899648
2. Any time the DOJ or law enforcement entity like the FBI need to be reviewed or investigated it is the responsibility of Michael Horowitz and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), to investigate it. This is why the OIG was tasked with looking into Crossfire Hurricane.
3. However, the OIG's office is NOT able to indict any offenders. The OIG report is sent to the DOJ with referrals for indictments, if the OIG feels any need be made. They "police the police". So, why wouldn't the OIG's office be tasked with investigating @GenFlynn's indictment?
4. When US Attorney John Huber from Utah was tasked by former AG Jeff Sessions with investigating the concerns of the Senate and House GOP regarding a multitude of issues, he was paired WITH the help OIG's office. The 400+ OIG investigators were at his disposal.
5. According to specialists in that field, this move offered great opportunities for serious resources to uncover crimes AND indict offenders at the same time. A LOT of you bought the fake news report that Huber found nothing and closed the case. That was a HUGE mistake.
7. Even the fake news left a caveat that Huber had never personally spoken of his findings or lack of and they admitted he's never informed the DOJ that his work was complete. Can we, as informed Americans, stop this BS rumor now? PLEASE?

We have better things to do!
8. So, back to General Flynn. So any of you know which U.S. Attorney indicted General Flynn? If you answered with ANY U.S. Attorney's name, you're wrong.

Robert Mueller indicted General Flynn! That corrupt, tax payer money wasting witch hunt led to Flynn's arrest.
9. A Special Counsel indicted Flynn. Due to lies, deception, threats against Flynn's family and other flagrant abuses of Flynn's Constitutional Rights, Flynn plead guilty to save his own family from more illegal harassment and injury.

I think most of us would've done the same.
10. When the truth was exposed and the FBI's tampering with his case was revealed, Flynn withdrew his guilty plea because he knew there was enough public exposure to keep his family safe. @SidneyPowell1 took his case and began the process of exposing the FBI and Mueller.
11. Eventually, AG William Barr assigned someone to investigate the FBI's handling of Flynn's case AND the indictment Mueller brought against Flynn. But, he didn't use the OIG as would normally be the case. This is where it gets VERY important for you to pay attention!
12. Do you know who Barr assigned to investigate Flynn's case and indictment? Most people don't!

@USAJensen, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, Jeff Jensen. Most of us have never even heard of this guy. I'm assuming that was part of the plan at the time.
13. Jeff Jensen has considerable experience including 10 years as a Special Agent with the FBI until 1999. In 1999 he became an assistant US Attorney which he was most likely forced to resign from immediately after Obama took office in 2009. He went into private practice.
14. In mid 2017 Jensen and several others were nominated by @realDonaldTrump to become a US Attorney. He and several others were confirmed between October and November 2017, right around the same time John Huber was tasked, with the OIG, to investigate the GOP concerns.
15. This is also the approximate timeframe that John Durham was tasked with his investigations AND it's about when Q started posting. When we find connections like this, it demands we pay attention! Like players being set on the board, the game began.
16. Shortly after being assigned the investigation by AG Barr, Jensen announced the FBI's mishandling of the case and recommended dropping all charges against Flynn. AG Barr listened to Jensen and dropped the charges. Yet, the unconstitutional onslaught against Flynn continues.
17. Corrupt Bill Clinton appointed judge Emmit Sullivan refuses to adhere to AG Barr's order to drop all charges against Flynn. That treasonous coward is another topic for another thread. Sidney Powell continues to fight for Flynn. It is rumored Trump will end that case soon.
18. But, it is important to understand that US Attorney Jeff Jensen now has the entire investigation from the Mueller special counsel Witch Hunt and the dirty illegal FBI investigation into General Flynn. Just like Huber, Jensen has not released stated that his work is complete.
19. Even after Durham was appointed, a drop came asking, what if a prosecutor from outside of DC was assigned to look into Deep State crimes? We know Huber and Durham are outside. What if a third, fourth or even fifth prosecutor has been given assignments without our knowledge?
20. I thought it odd that Jeff Jensen has an official Twitter account but the last post on it was from November of 2019. It says it's inactive now. And, it's not a blue checked account. Isn't that strange? A US government officer with an official account that's not blue checked?
21. What makes it so odd is the US attorney's office from the eastern district of Missouri still tags Jeff Jensen's account quite often in their posts on Twitter. That tells me, that account is still recognized whether it's inactive or not. But, there's something more.
22. Jeff Jensen's account only have a little over 200 followers, pennies only following three accounts. Guess who they are? One of them happens to be John Huber from Utah. The other two are us attorneys that Jeff Jensen went through the confirmation process with in the Senate.
23. Michael Hurst Jr from the southern district of Mississippi and Erin Nealy Cox from the Northern District of Texas we're both referred by President Trump around the same time that Jeff Jensen was referred and they were both confirmed within a month of Jensen's confirmation.
24. Out of all of the people that Jensen could have been following, why those three? Why is his count inactive and not a blue check? Why does the eastern district of Missouri still frequently tag that account? Why was Jensen given lens case instead of the OIG's office?
25. Anti Trump and anti-American Ray Hartmann, a reporter, called Jeff Jensen something very interesting due to his handling of General Flynn's case.

Hartmann described Jeff Jensen as a STEALTH FIGHTER.

Now, where have we seen that before?

26. We all know that #17 has stated that a stealth bomber operates Behind Enemy Lines and covertly so that nobody knows what's happening. The stealth bomber aka the B-2, rarely if ever flies alone. Their missions are often done in tandem and they work better in teams.
27. Here, perhaps we have someone from the other side recognizing exactly what Jensen's role was and his value to our mission.

Is it just a coincidence that Whiteman Air Force Base in the state of Missouri is the home of America's B-2 bombers?

28. These are the kind of discoveries that set us apart. These are the strings that when pulled unravel Mysteries that no one else can figure out. I was going to sit on this for a while but, as an apparent end is in sight, I feel it is not a risk to divulge this.
29. Don't continue the orchestrated attacks against Attorney General Barr and Sessions. Stop the idiotic rumors against Huber and Durham. If you're playing into that, you're no better than the demons in the Deep State who started the rumors to begin with. https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1330617140819361792?s=20
30. We all have a role in this, we all have our job to do. Hold the line! Do not give in to clickbait or stereotypes or patterns of deception. Be smart. Question the narrative. Do everything you can to inform yourself and others, victory is on its way!

God bless you all.

- End
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