I was in a shit mood this morning, so I just...let myself be in a shit mood. I told the kids and Adam. Told them there wasn't anything they'd done or really could do.
We just made our way through it.

This week in The Mom Center we've been talking about aligning our values with our actions. Honesty is one of our family values, but I haven't always been honest with them. Today I was. It was awkward and strange, but the mood is lifting faster than if I fought it.

It's the small things, as much as the large that change the world. I told the truth. My kids see me as more human. They have room to tell their truths. And we talked about how everyone should have that and how we can create that space.

I don't ever ask the moms in The Mom Center to do or try anything that I'm not willing to. And we've got each others backs as we work through all the big and small stuff together. It helps make me brave.
If you could use that kind of support, we're here - http://bit.ly/themomcenter 
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