Spoiler: that's not what the order does

PA's Governor signed the Certificate of Ascertainment appointing electors yesterday. The court order prohibits "any further action to perfect the certification" – that's already been perfected

It does nothing https://twitter.com/ivanpentchoukov/status/1331643258024456192
I mean kudos for linking the order, but at least try to *read* the order before misrepresenting what it says 😂
The Pennsylvania Attorney General knows how to read: https://twitter.com/paattorneygen/status/1331653297833472004
Nope. I don't watch any cable news at all.

I can't my info from Twitter and newspapers https://twitter.com/pukalogy/status/1331657719741296640
➡️ New York Times
➡️ Washington Post
➡️ Wall Street Journal
➡️ Raleigh News & Observer
➡️ Reason Magazine
➡️ The Bulwark (though it's not a "paper" per se) https://twitter.com/ncallaway/status/1331658735802929152
Think of elections as a multi-step process

There's an initial count, a precinct-by-precinct canvass that finalizes the count after determining what provisional ballots are valid, sometimes an audit, then a certification of the results

After cert, sometimes a recount

1/ https://twitter.com/tartinigirl/status/1331658830170742793
After certification, there are an assortment of administrative things that happen – sending certificates to the electors, for examples

That's not part of the certification process though. It's downstream from it.

The Trump People blew their chance to stop certification, getting repeatedly LOL'd out of court

They're now trying to stop the downstream administrative things, but framing it as "stopping certification"

But certification is already done ("perfected")

The judge's order prohibits "any further action to perfect the certification"

But b/c the certification is already done / perfected, there are no further actions to stop

And b/c the downstream things aren't part of certification, it doesn't affect those either

It's not just The Epoch Times though

My TL is currently on fire with a number of "mainstream" media personalities claiming certification has been stopped, which is 100% not true https://twitter.com/tmbrown327/status/1331660691388968961
Went ahead and pinned the first tweet in the thread so folks can find it

The judge's order has no effect on the presidential election, nor on any down-ballot elections that were already certified

Literally everyone telling you otherwise is wrong
It's just a Temporary Restraining Order, which is intended to "preserve the status quo" until a hearing can be held

And this order does indeed preserve the status quo – it just doesn't affect anything that matters https://twitter.com/professorbroad/status/1331663346815430657

I'm convinced that Republicans want to be scammed, and Democrats want to be panicked https://twitter.com/curlybacon13/status/1331664492359454722
It's not moot in the legal sense: "to the extent that there remains any further action," that action is prohibited

I'd argue it's more accurate to describe it as a null order. But my assumption is the judge issued it because the litigants asked and the hearing is Friday https://twitter.com/leftofthejokers/status/1331664893527928834
My assumption is the appeal is to either (1) get confirmation that the post-certification downstream administrative acts aren't part of perfecting certification, and/or (2) allow certification of the down-ballot races to proceed

That's a @PAAttorneyGen question though https://twitter.com/matthew__cline/status/1331665262903324678
Sure, it's within the realm of things a court could order

It's not going to happen though, because there's been no one with standing to sue who also has proof of fraud sufficient that it would call the results into question https://twitter.com/melimel521/status/1331666111629193216
It's so tedious fam... 😂 https://twitter.com/joebriggsesq/status/1331663111082930186
We'll never get there. *But if somehow we did,* yes laches is a solid defense https://twitter.com/jacksoncvaret/status/1331669280719572996
Yeah but @ChrisCuomo seems to believe it too, and he generally strikes me as more discerning https://twitter.com/joseph_joe_m/status/1331669718957101057
You're not wrong 😂 https://twitter.com/megshensley/status/1331669141401575425
Yes. That dream was never going to happen

I explain why here: https://twitter.com/corvusglaive19/status/1331670684360171520
*Officially,* yes: both a TRO and preliminary injunction require a litigant to show a likelihood of success before they're granted

In practice, no. State court judges often grant TROs as a matter of course without looking too closely https://twitter.com/marccs1234/status/1331667730538360832
No https://twitter.com/mdurkin86/status/1331673354730954753
I doubt PA Supremes take action today, there's no need

There's a lot of sound and fury on social media, but nothing that actually affects anything legally https://twitter.com/jacksoncvaret/status/1331672844191797255
It's a misnomer; the listed acts are administrative things done after certification, not alongside it or before it

The certification itself was already perfected yesterday https://twitter.com/brandon212_/status/1331673746856357888
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