Today we're elated to release a set of 30 papers on aerospace medicine and the biology of spaceflight; they are simultaneously featured on the covers of @CellCellPress, @CellReports, & @iScience_CP using photos taken by @StationCDRKelly while in space: /1
These manuscripts span >250 investigators from dozens of academic, government, aerospace, & industry groups, representing the largest set of astronaut and SpaceBio data ever produced; thanks to support from @NASA, @WeillCornell, @worldquant, @NIH, @BCMSpaceHealth & many others /2
This includes longitudinal multi-omic profiling, single-cell immune/epitope mapping, @nanopore, @PacBio, & @illumina NGS, novel miRNA radiation countermeasures, and detailed biochemical profiles of 56 astronauts, which represents ~10% of all humans that have ever been in space /3
Thanks so much to @CellSystemsCP and @Patterns_CP for also highlighting this work in their journals, @AfshinBeheshti and Susan Bailey for the wonderful partnerships, all the work from @CellPressNews and all the amazing editors.
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