Tragic news. Legendary Argentine football/soccer player Diego Maradona has died at age 60.

Maradona was a revolutionary and committed anti-imperialist.

He was a friend of Castro and Hugo Chávez (with tattoos of Fidel and Che), and a champion of the poor and oppressed.
To protest US imperialism, Diego Maradona wore a shirt reading "Stop Bush" with the S as a Nazi Swastika, when he attended the Summit of the Americas in Argentina in 2005.

President George W. Bush was attending, trying to push through a "free trade zone" to exploit Latin America
Diego Maradona also joined revolutionary Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in protesting US imperialism, wearing a t-shirt of George W. Bush covered in blood and reading "war criminal"
Maradona strongly supported the wave of leftist govts in Latin America—the "Pink Tide"

Here he is in 2010 at funeral of Argentina's left-wing President Néstor Kirchner, with his wife (future president) Cristina and Bolivia's Evo Morales

Portrait of Chile's Allende in background
Even after the US empire and right-wing oligarchs in Latin America launched several coups and hybrid warfare, making it very difficult for the remaining leftist gov'ts, Diego Maradona remained a committed supporter of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution.

He never lost hope. RIP
Diego Maradona visited Nicaragua in 2014 and showed his deep support for the revolutionary Sandinista movement.

"I carry in my heart poor people, working people," he said.

"I am a soldier of (Daniel) Ortega" and "a friend in the Nicaraguan struggle"
This January, Maradona visited Venezuela again.

He met with President Maduro, challenging the US coup attempt.

Then he thanked the Venezuelan people: "We are facing the largest (empire) in the world, and they don't have a heart. But onward to victory!"
Although he was one of the world's most famous football/soccer players, Diego Maradona always remained a man of the people.

When he visited Nicaragua, he went to the central park in Managua and met with young athletes.

He never forgot his humble origins
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