Things that are so telling about #MewGulf being in a relationship.

1. When Gulf said he knows that he knows sometimes Mew has to show off his body for work and he understands
2. When Mew said they stay at the same house some days
3. When Gulf said
“Why would I be jealous? They can look but they can’t have him”
4. How they both know eachothers sleep positions and how much sleep they get.
5. How mew said “I’ll call my lover Tua-eng (darling) and he calls Gulf that ALL THE TIME
6. How everyone they meet just seems to know
Like the comedian at gulf’s graduation who without hesitation said Mew is Gulf’s faen and instead of correcting him Gulf answered that Mew was not there yet but he would come later.
7. How Mew never corrects people when they ask when is the wedding? Instead he says
the dowery money is ready but we have not gotten married yet
8. How Gulf knew where every utensil and everything was when we saw those lives at Mews house earlier this year during lockdown.
9. When all there friends say openly and proudly that Mew and Gulf are in love and
say things like I can’t do that Mew will slap Me or “over Gulf’s dead body”
10. When Gulf told that fan “if your not afraid of Mew then try to flirt with me”
11. When Gulf said “oh mild is going to get it” when Gulf pretended to give him a cheek kiss at his graduation
12. When
Mew said “the second guest is also my special one” at his concert
13. How mews mom calls Gulf her son in law
14. How they openly talked about wanting children together through surrogacy and staying with eachother for 10+ years
15. How EVERYTIME they are asked about there status Gulf looks at Mew with wistful eyes before Mew answers for them and then Gulf agrees
16. How open they are now and how Gulf flat out said “Mew is my sun and I am his sunflower. He helped me bloom.
17. How mew had sunflowers in his mv and also said the song is for Gulf as well
18. How mew said in that new interview that he was looking to see where he and Gulf could sit because he wanted to take him there and the interviewer said “it’s private for a couple” and Mew agreed
I’ll add more later 😭
19. How it seems to be that Mew and Gulf have given free reign to allow playmore and anyone else that they have worked with lien soul allude to them dating (non disclosure agreements are a thing) and they could sue if they did not agree to it
20. How Run is literally writing
a novel that seems to be there story (we all know who is water and stone
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