Cricket may not be popular in America but America has certainly had an impact on Cricket.

In the last few decades the "American-ization" of Cricket has been completed.

These 2 @BCCI jerseys captures that beautifully.
The history of jersey sponsorship is linked to the history of consumer culture & advertising.

According to sports anthropologist Orin Starn, until 1950s most t-shirts were sold with concealed brand logos; only t-shirts given out as freebies had huge company logos on display
As times change, so do sensibilities.

Through innovative marketing, & a possible stroke of genius, firms breathed life into their brands, giving them a unique personality & meaning.

Consumers started paying a premium for the snob value attached with certain brands.
The marketers had convinced people to buy their product for 4x the market price, they had also converted them into walking billboards for their brands.

As the avg person on the street was getting comfortable sporting logos , the sports jersey was undergoing a metamorphosis too!
Most sports historians credit a Uruguayan football club, Peñarol, with introducing the concept of jersey sponsorship to the sports world during the 1950s.

However, as is the case with most changes this move too was resisted with most leagues vehemently opposing the idea.
By 1970s European clubs warmed up to jersey sponsorship with Eintracht Braunschweig (German Bundesliga) sporting the Jagermeister logo across its players’ chests and Kettering Town (English Southern League) signing a multi-year jersey sponsorship deal with a tyre company.
As time went by, both the sponsors & the sports teams realized the advantages of jersey sponsorship.

It is simple to understand that the logos on the jersey are constantly being viewed thereby becoming a part of the subconscious mind of the viewer leading to higher brand recall!
While cricket is still not in the same sponsorship league as football, it has come a long way considering it opened up to the idea of jersey sponsors only in late 1990s.

Given the $$ at stake & a potential fall in gate revenue will the Cricket jersey move even closer to Nascar?!
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