I see the Church of England has released its latest strategy for oblivion, sorry, managed decline, sorry 'revival':

-Double down on all the things that are failing miserably
- Cross our fingers and hope that we're not totally wiped out within a generation
- More management speak
The truth is that most people who do come to the Church of England do it despite the leadership & predominant churchmanship of the CofE. All the artificial 'mission projects' & grandiose spending black holes in the world can't replace bold local parish leadership & good priests
I think that the church needs to produce a kind of modern day equivalent of Anglican Jesuits - elite intellectual shock troops with a mission to evangelise, educate and take the fight to secularists, on the basis of unapologetic orthodox theology. Enough cringing
Education needs to be a huge priority. The C of E has 1000s of schools, which overwhelmingly produce...agnostics, atheists, &, at best, adherents of Moral Therapeutic Deism. If we can't even pass on our tradition to children who attend Anglican schools, we deserve to die.
In essence, the Anglican leadership acts as if it is embarrassed by its own beliefs and tradition and is unsure whether it deserves to continue to exist itself, except maybe under the sufferance of our liberal secular masters, if they are in an indulgent mood.
Hence why the Church mostly only speaks out on issues where it thinks it will win the approval of the liberal-secular establishment. But they hate us anyway, so what's the point? The church is called to stand against the spirit of this secular age, not to be its pale reflection
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