25 November 2020 #MAGAalysis

@tracybeanz Fights For America At [email protected]

I've known Tracy for a few years now, maybe 2 or 3. You can judge how well you know her, yourself, by how much you know about Helga. It's okay if you don't, but Helga is awesome. https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/status/1330250873130389504
2) And no, don't ask, I'll say no more on that point! We must turn from playful joy to hellaciously sad seriousness now. What is this mission of Tracy's? Voter fraud. If we are to save America from the utter destruction of our democracy, we must document voter fraud.
3) In today's thread, I'll quote Tracy's words, and then respond to each of her tweets. Here's what she tells us defines her mission. https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/status/1330250874095071236?s=20
4) Anomalies. Ballot shredding. Ballots disposed in trash. Just think about those three kinds of acts. My friends this is a war against democracy. This is a political war with the pure intent of destroying our nation from within. My mind is too small to comprehend it.
5) You'll want to pay careful attention to these details, they truly matter. https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/status/1330250874850045954?s=20
6) Tracy guides us:

* State
* Time
* Date

The more detail the better.

I can't imagine the data management skills or resources necessary to catalog all this. Tracy has given everything she's got to creating that infrastructure. I really can't imagine.
7) So simply, yet so profoundly, Tracy concludes with this command, this patriotic appeal. https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/status/1330250875558895616?s=20
8) Share this far and wide, Tracy charges us. Let's talk about that. Are you a member of a DM room here at Twitter? Do your friends share your values and join you in the righteous effort to put Social Media to work for patriotic purposes?
9) If so, please drop Tracy's thread into your rooms, but do more. Explain to your friends that we've gone real now. We're in real time. This information must be found, preserved, and forwarded to:

[email protected]
10 Explain to your friends that, if they have access to this data, please participate directly. But, if they don't have direct access to the data, they do have reach, their own followers, other rooms they're in, etc. I'm going to push on this, further.
11) Who remembers the old Emergency Alert System? Here's an example warning of a Tsunami in California, of all things...
12) That is precisely what Tracy has given us. She has issued a national alert. Our greatest treasure as a society, our freedoms based on our democracy are under the worst threat we have ever faced. We must muster to Tracy's call. We must forward that call as broadly as we can.
13) I focus on Twitter, as that is the medium where I have emplaced my own patriotic efforts. I won't regale you with my Facebook story. Suffice to say, I don't fight patriotic battles there, anymore. But every medium matters. Follow that out.
14) I'm an old school cold call salesman, classically trained in the glorious 80s of the last century. I'm also a modern networking master. My operational work is always done in multiple mediums. My real friends in Twitter DM rooms are also those I speak to live, and text with.
15) For more serious work, I turn to email. And when the mission is serious enough, I build email lists to coordinate and align multiple players, all of whom know each other to one degree or another. In all this I am the actor, not the acted upon. I proact. I aggress.
16) It was by that very aggression that I met @GenFlynn and @SidneyPowell1. It is this forward reach that Tracy is calling upon us to employ, right now, in this gravest of all national emergencies we have ever faced as a democracy. Spare no effort. Invest all you have. Aggress.
17) Here again is the actual mission:

"We need the largest scrape of the internet for this information ever performed."

Let that sink in.

Funny thing, the technology requires patriots to do the actual heavy lifting.

18) Huge fan of Tracy's as I am, I had no idea of this mission until @GenFlynn informed us of it. https://twitter.com/GenFlynn/status/1330268883773747200?s=20
19) And that brings us to the great legal lion of America today, @SidneyPowell1 herself. I'll discuss her function a bit more below, but first allow me to share my own thread on topic from Monday. If you haven't seen it, you will be pleased to do so now. https://twitter.com/ThyConsigliori/status/1330834992050606084?s=20
20) Neither @KateScopelliti nor I wept tonight. I truly wish we had. There were no words to convey the depths of our sorrow for this nation that we love so much. Neither of us, in any nightmare, ever feared what we see right now. There may be another reason we did not weep.
21) We both know that @SidneyPowell1 has joined the fight. We know that she stands alone, outside the apparatus of the Federal Government. Not alone by way of no friends. Alone at law, with no institution behind her. She faces the full weight and power of the government, herself.
22) But let us put aside this facade of a Constitutional Government in all its glory and might. Sidney faces The Cabal. And she cannot be scared or intimidated. She cannot be tricked, fooled, trapped, cajoled, implored, importuned, or corrupted. Sidney stands for us.
23) Review a fact with me. The Covington Burling team, along with Eric Holder and Robert Kellner were simply 100% corrupt and on the side of the Mueller Investigation, misguiding and misserving @GenFlynn. We know this. It is not in question.
24) It is my fondest hope that when all this is completed at law, the entire firm will be broken and destroyed, all of its vast wealth emptied. The entire firm is a traitor to America. And it held all the information, along with the corrupt Special Prosecutor's office.
25) Why is this pertinent right now? Once Sidney stepped in, what did she do? She bent the powers that be into providing data in quantities that I can't even count. She got the data. She organized it. And she broke the case flat out. She mastered the information.
26) What information? You've surely heard the term "Brady Material" by now and certainly know that it means exculpatory evidence, supporting the innocence of the defendant. Sidney got all that evidence. I can't imagine how she has time to snag a nap, let alone actually sleep.
27) It's not enough to merely get the evidence. You have to organize it. You have to put it together in so persuasive a manner that its validity cannot be doubted. That mastery is rare in today's legal world. And no one else has that master at Sidney's level. She stands alone.
28) And that's where @GenFlynn comes in again, but not as defendant. Rather as leader. General Flynn is, without doubt, the greatest leader of the MAGA Movement after our great POTUS. When he speaks, we listen. More, he has inspired us to become Digital Warriors.
29) I might offer, for your consideration, Flynn's Digital Minutemen. We are millions. We are serious. We are patriots to the marrow of our bones. And we follow his lead. Remember, I did not hear of Tracy's mission except by General Flynn's notice of it.
30) To understand Sidney's vast powers, a legal term in required. Standing. Sidney is an officer of the court. Given the right data, the right evidence, Sidney can stand for America, for our democracy, for the sanctity of our vote. Do you see how these heroes come together?
31) Yet another hero enters our picture. @tamaraleighllc. In 2016, when Tamara and I first met, she tried and failed to inspire me to join the social media movement here at Twitter supporting @realDonaldTrump. I refused, not interested at the time.
32) It was in 2018 that Tamara finally got through to me, instructing me on how Social Media had become the new coffee houses and taverns of the 1776 Revolutionary Moment. Picture Tom Paine's American Crisis read out loud. These are the times that try men's souls.
33) "These are the times that try men's souls; the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."
34) If you believe in the afterlife, how can you fail to imagine General Flynn and Tom Paine toasting with heavenly pewter mugs to the America that still lives on? Tracy's mission, on behalf of Sidney's project is that very battle, and you, my friend, play your part.
35) Tracy, I know you're too busy to respond. I respect that more than you can know. Let me encourage you, though. American patriots will not shrink from this service. We will stand. We will scrape the internet. We will document this attempt to steal our nation's democracy.
Thread ends at #35.
P.S. A note of process. It has previously been my daily practice to respond to as many comments as I was able. I profoundly apologize that the vast responses I now receive make that, for the moment, impossible. Please know I treasure your every response.
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