Professor Hannibal, student Will. One day, Will lingers behind after a class once everyone else has left. He walks up to Hannibal, drops to his knees in front of of the silver haired older man, immediately starting to mouth at Hannibal's cock through his slacks. +
Hannibal grabs his hair, pulls him away, Will whining as his lips are forced away from his cock.

"I don't know what you think you're doing, but behaviour like this will not get me to raise your grades," Hannibal says harshly, dark eyes looking down at the wide eyed, +
slack mouthed young thing at his feet.

Will, unable to press his lips against the man's cock, lifts up a hand to palm at Hannibal's cock through his slacks.

"Oh, I didn't think it would, Mr. Lecter," the young man says, nearly purring out the words. +
"I just /really/ much wanted to suck your cock."

Hannibal looks at Will for a few long seconds, seemingly unaffected by his words, before saying, "Very well. If you're such a cock hungry slut, then have at it." Hannibal uses his grip on Will's hair to press his +
mouth back against his crotch, Will eagerly lifting up his hands to open his trousers.

"Thank you, Mr. Lecter." Will smiles as he speaks the words against Hannibal's now bared cock, all sweet and innocent, before proceeding to blow him.
Once Hannibal comes, Will swallows it all down without spilling a drop, like the good slut he is.

*enter groovy 70's porn music*
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