#Breaking | 'Umar Khalid asked people to rope in Bangladeshi & Rohingya immigrants for anti-CAA stir'. Khalid knew that the majority of Indian Muslims won't subscribe to Imam's definition of Islam', according to Delhi Police supplementary chargesheet on Delhi riots.
The question that needs to be asked to the 'Islamophobia lobby' is whether they will still claim that CAA is against a religion: @Shehzad_Ind, Political Analyst tells TIMES NOW.
#Breaking | Delhi riots: Digital data evidence as per Delhi Police

Umar Khalid- Natasha: 720 secs
Jahanavi-Tabrez: 73 secs
Nadeem Khan-Khalid Saifi: 15 secs
Umar Khalid- Nadeem Khan: 171 secs, 33 secs, 45 secs.
Umar Khalid- Rahul Roy: 11 secs
Umar Khalid- Meeran Haider: 167 secs
#Breaking | Delhi riots: Digital data evidence as per Delhi Police- WhatsApp chats between Sharjeel Imam & Afreen Fathima on Jan 1, 2020.

'taake Dilli ka aage ka plan bana sake, based on either chakka jam, aur Hong Kong wala strategy', says Sharjeel Imam.
#Breaking | 'Umar Khalid left for Patna after initial spark was lighted in the national capital', according to Delhi Police chargesheet over Delhi riots.
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