why Men and Chickens is a leftist film that is better than blood and chocolate: a thread
the brothers are a prime example of human beings who should have been aborted. they are literally spliced humans who suffer because of the actions of their parents, and who would’ve been better off never being born
but the brothers are born and once they are born they are not to be killed. they could be considered as suffering humans, but not that they have been born death is no longer an option.
then there is the father. a man who represented the leadership and ruling of the household but did so unfairly and cruelly. things only got better once this ruler is dead.
but even then franz takes up a loose role of “father” or the ruler and there is still mild cruelty in the household. it doesn’t become a happy equal household until there is no ruler, simply a community of people. the family.
this concept is pro-communism and anti-nuclear family. the family as a whole in the end is the opposite of the nuclear family. with older couples having children, a man subtextually marrying a chicken. these are concepts that go against this family but they are happier in the end
the brothers bring a lot of pain to many people and it would’ve been a lot better if they were aborted. but they were forced to be born and had to suffer tremendously because of it. but to put them down would be cruel so they had to find a way to live.
they lived as the anti-nuclear family. they didn’t contribute anything to society. they simply existed in the end as a household with no ruler but a substantial amount of happiness. the sufferers under the oppressive rule rise up and take back the house.
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