lets go into the north node and south node, the facts about how they present and different ways they're interpreted
In every interp and experience, the north node is what you consciously go after, and the south node is what you reject because it creates disinterest
think about the south node as what you grew up with, and the north node as a new system you've been introduced to. The new thing is extremely exciting, and you want to master it, despite being completely new to it and knowing nothing about it
The south node is what you know, what you understand, and compared to the north node, it's boring and uninteresting. But, you will always be naturally better at it because of the inherent understanding you have of it
Tropical modern astrology sees the north node as something you haven't learnt about life, and something that needs to be learnt for you to have a higher understanding
Vedic astrologers see the north node/rahu as an obsession with the material aspect of life. The obsession with a simulation that is completely false, and therefore, not worth concerning yourself with
It sees the south node as what is inherent to you as a person, and the disinterest it creates as a natural soul based disinterest in the material life
If you think of life as a video game or simulation, rahu is the need for achievements in that video game, while ketu is the side of you that's begging to stop playing, go outside, and experience the real life for a while
Vedic astrologers think that, to stop playing and go outside (end the cycle of rebirth), you need to finish the game (which you'll need to do regardless) however, in a detached way, and then be done with it
while modern astrologers believe that you need to finish the game perfectly, knowing every single thing, experience every single thing to be able to finish the game for real.
who is right here? We don't really know, because we don't know for sure how the soul functions, and we don't know what is required for us to not be reborn, or even if rebirth is real. That's why we have to use our own intelligence for this
IMO, the vedic astrologers are right, because the truth is that life has A LOT to offer, and our desires are ever changing. We can play the video game forever, keep learning about new cheat codes, new practices, diff methods (rahu rules science, the occult, new tech)
And, at the end, a disinterest in these facets of life are a way of opting out of the simulation in a very real way. If your soul doesn't care about life, why would it choose to be reborn?
It's the exact opposite with Rahu. If we care so much about the simulation, the new features it has to offer, the newest achievements, the newer levels, we just won't stop playing it. In hinduism, Rahu is associated with Maya, the great illusion
Maya is a trickster and very enticing. It won't stop giving you new ways to amuse your soul, and it won't stop trying to bring you back into it. That's why Ketu embodies the rejection of Maya, and an acceptance of the greater soul reality
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