MANIKARNIKA GHAT is one of the oldest and most sacred Ghat on the bank of Ganga in Varanasi.
Mani means Gem & Karnika mean ears rings.

It is believed that one can attain Moksha after the Daha Sankar at Manikarnika Ghat.And also said that the death becomes painless here.
The earliest Historical reference found in Gupta inscription.
According to Purana the when Mata Sati sacrifices herself in the Yagnya Kunda of Daksha Prajapati Mahadev Shiva roamed in the entire universe with the body of Mata sati.
To decrease his sorrow of Shiva Shree Vishnu
Cut the body of Sati with Sudarsan Chakra.
And the places where the body part of Mata fell ,that becomes a Shakti Peeth.
Manikarnika Ghat in Kasi is one of the 51 Shakti Peeth where the Mata Sati's Ear Ornament had fallen.
Another version says Bhagwan Vishnu had created a Kunda for the Snan of Mata Parvati and Shiva .
During the Snan mata Parvati's ear ring had fallen in the Kunda ,which was recovered by Mahadev.
So the place is name accordingly as Mani Karnika Ghat.
Accoding to Shiva Puran one the Mani of the Ear of Bhagwan Vishnu had fallen here so It is named as Manikarnika Tirth.
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