.A long & important thread, in 2 parts.
Part 1:
1. Just wondering if any of the #IStandWithTrudeau folks are interested in hearing a #disabled #Canadian's perspective. I'm not sure if they know (or care?) about #COVID's true impact on us as a group. #cdnpoli
2. Many people are under the impression that the government of #Canada looks after its most vulnerable and marginalized citizens. This is a very harmful misconception. #Disability income that is funded by the federal & provincial governments is shockingly low.
3. I am aware of "jurisdiction" - but that doesn't change the fact that #disabled people live in extreme #poverty.
4. Both my husband & I are permanently #disabled. Here in #Quebec, we receive $22,000/year to "live" on. That's supposed to cover ALL expenses for TWO people. That's everything; including medication that isn't covered. #pharmacare
5. We were #evicted in October. In order to avoid #homelessness, in the middle of a #pandemic, during winter, we have managed to secure a new apartment. Our new rent is $1100/month - which is 65% of our income. #NationalHousingDay #HousingForAll #housingfirst
6. If you do the math, $1100 x 12 months = $13,200. Take $13,200 off $22,000 and that leaves $8,800. That's $773 to "live" on per month. For TWO #disabled people.
7. That $733 has to cover food, clothes, transit, medication that isn't covered. We can only afford to buy HALF of our medication, every OTHER month. We have to ration it. If we need anything "extra" (like a winter coat), it comes out of our woefully inadequate food budget.
8. Sometimes, we use #foodbanks. Other times, we choose to go #hungry because...
9. ... the food is of low nutritional value, expired, freezer burned or literally rotting. There is nothing to make a meal. Husband has dietary restrictions. We are allowed 3 days worth of food, once a month. See pic of October's foodbank offering. This is for 2 people.
10. When Justin Trudeau does photoshoots at grocery stores & in farmer's fields with Sophie, and implores Canadians to donate to foodbanks, it's a little... galling. Pledging $100 million to foodbanks during COVID for ALL the provinces & territories is a drop in the bucket.
11. Did you know? 4.4 MILLION Canadians experience #foodinsecurity.

Over 1.2 MILLION of those are CHILDREN.

Read & learn: https://proof.utoronto.ca/food-insecurity/?fbclid=IwAR1HqTwAzohTxyRAhD56O-3VkmgIISesEqFr0wBaQkA6-_IsWIK6C5l4_0I
12. In some provinces & territories, #disabled people have been given extra support during #COVID. In other provinces & territories, they've received nothing to offset the extra expenses due to the pandemic. Quebec has given us nothing extra.
13. This month, we needed to buy half of our meds (not covered). Husband & I needed (second hand) winter coats. We had to skip buying masks & hand sanitizer. We live in a red zone that's currently on lockdown. We're hoping to buy winter boots in January with our GST.
14. We also have moving expenses this month. The cost of food has gone up. We never use grocery delivery because that's $7.00 per order. I need that $7.00 for bread & eggs.
15. Right now, tonight, as I type this, my husband & I are hungry. We have one week to go before our next disability payment. We drink water & tea so we can skip meals. We ration our food every month.
16. Did you know? According to StatsCan, there are 5.3 MILLION disabled Canadians... that's 16% of the entire population.
200,000 of them are children.
17. @liberal_party Minister of Employment & Disability Inclusion @cqualtro has left the majority of disabled Canadians in the lurch. The $600 one-time-only Disability Tax Credit payment was only given to 1.6 million disabled people. The media skipped over this important number.
18. The rest of the 3.7 MILLION disabled Canadians got nothing because they didn't qualify or were unaware of it & missed the deadline (<-- has since been extended) or didn't have the $100 it costs to have the forms filled out by a doctor. We have to PAY for the forms.
19. In order to qualify, disabled people needed to have had some form of employment income in the last year. Many disabled people are literally unable to work. Hence, no benefit for them. My husband & I didn't qualify.
20. Since March, disabled Canadians have watched from the sidelines as just about every other group of people has been supported through this health crisis. As it should, the government has aided many people during these unprecedented times.
21. Except for disabled people.
22. Millions of dollars have been given to big businesses & banks & airlines & corporations & landlords & small businesses & workers & students & others while disabled people have been given fuck-all.
23. When Justin Trudeau said: "No Canadian left behind." & "It's the Canadian way." & "We've got your back." & "We're all in this together." he forgot to add:

"Except for disabled people."
24. Minister of Disability Inclusion Carla Qualtro said she's "... working hard for every Canadian." She forgot to add:

"Except for disabled people."

She's extremely #ableist for a disabled person herself, imho. If she had any integrity at all, she'd resign immediately.
Please see next thread for Part 2...
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