Liberals are gonna spend ten years and a day agonizing over social media content and coming up with unworkable solutions when the answer is simple: Blast people with info from the left as loud as they get info from the right. That’s it.
Lol people in my replies over-complicating this. I don’t know why this is difficult. See what Fox and the Ny Post do? Do that. But with liberal stuff.
Maybe I just see this different cause I spent so many years in right wing media world. Liberals spend so much time over thinking this and needlessly pleading with the party to do this. I’m not saying it’s a magic bullet but it needs to be done and it isn’t particularly hard.
It’s like “hit a nail with a hammer” and the reply is “we have to understand the history of nails.” No, just fucking hit the nail.
Right wing media works like this: “Here is an issue that bothers you. The reason you hate this thing is liberals. Put conservatives in power and fix the issue.” That’s it. You just plug in the issue and it’s the same story. Every day, around the clock, constant. That’s it.
There isn’t any magic. Roger Ailes didn’t invent it nor did Limbaugh. eg

“You don’t have enough food to eat because liberals spend money on perverse art projects. Elect conservatives so you can eat.”
So you say “Your hospital bill is too high cause Republicans think Sean Hannity needs a tax break so he can buy another mansion. Elect liberals so your hospital bill goes down.” Repeat, rinse.
You can do this with literally every issue under the sun.
just gimme a million bucks and ill do it, damn
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