“The world of the 2010s is not coming back” @ClareONeilMP “We should have a conversation about the future which is about transformation, not restoration, and driven by optimism, not nostalgia” #auspol @PressClubAust @SBSNews
“We have a chance - one that comes along perhaps every 50 years - to think through a bunch of nation-shaping policies with a blank piece of paper” @ClareONeilMP #auspol @PressClubAust @SBSNews
“Australia’s economy has been in a funk for a decade. Autopilot is not going to fix the economic challenges we face. When you strip out population growth, Australia’s economy has grown at 0.7% a year since 2013.” @ClareONeilMP @PressClubAust #auspol @SBSNews
“Australia needs to make an economic transformation and immigration can help us do it - but it’s not going to happen if we just go back to the way things we’re before” @ClareONeilMP “Immigration will be integral to our recovery - if we get it right” #auspol @PressClubAust
“Enough with the macho culture, which confuses going hard and refusing to listen and change, with strength” @ClareONeilMP “Strength is not about resisting change. Strength is about being resilient and flexible enough to do it.” #auspol @PressClubAust @SBSNews
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