1/Well. My cover is about to be blown soon, so you might as well hear it from the horses mouth. I know plenty about Parler, because I was on the inside, social engineering and learning plenty about the platform.

I don't care what data of mine leaks..
2/Because I will have played a part in taking down one of the biggest Racist, radical harboring apps in all of history. Oh and the best part? The data that leaks will all be a result of legitimately bad security practices that they were warned of, multiple times.
3/Sounds like a 2 for 1 if you ask me. Take down a racist app by revealing a series of completely legal exploits that were responsibly reported and went unresolved for about a year.
4/I also was smart enough not to do anything with my Social Security Address because I knew that one day I would have to help with this. @Kirtaner is going to roast Parler on a level they have never seen. The lies are going to be revealed.
5/If anything, condolences to the people who were manipulated. I got to witness some good people get played by Psychological Operations from people who they thought were friends.
6/Also, I'm not sorry to John Matze nor Alex Blair or any of the other people who lied from the jump about their platform's security posture. You got played, and I knew you were lying from the 1st day I stepped foot into that hell hole of a platform.
7/Keep your friends close and your enemies closer as they say.
8/Unfortunately Matze, actions have consequences. You've lied and manipulated so many people. Your platform was never about free speech. It was a Psyop built and funded by Mercer.
9/I won't be taking any questions. I defer to @Kirtaner for any media inquiries. He will manage the Security Analysis, impact, and reveals. He's got the golden info from this point forward.
10/Last thing. Nothing I did was illegal, so I wouldn't waste your time looking at me. In fact, the amount of laws Parler has broken with their lies surrounding what their platform is used for and how user data is stored - I wouldn't be surprise if people went to jail.
11/I mean GDPR and California Privacy act violations alone. Parler knowingly lied about what user data they collect, what they do with it and and how it's stored. Good luck.
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