It’s been 6 months since I had covid. And I’m still suffering with #LongCovid. My health has truly never been the same. It feels pointless saying this because I’ve lost hope in y’all at this point, but nothing is worth risking being a #longhauler. It’s awful. Please stay home.
I’m in my 20s and asthmatic. But my asthma has always been well managed. I also have a history migraines. Since contracting covid, I’ve had migraines so bad that even distantly hearing a car drive down the street felt like my head was splitting.
I just wish there was more I could do to make people understand the severity of covid. And that even if it doesn’t kill you, your life may NEVER be the same. It sometimes feels like I’m pleading with people in my life when I tell them to follow protocols. I hate it here.
This sounds dark. But it’s literally our reality. Be prepared to permanently say goodbye to the very people you’ll be celebrating with this Thursday. Or be prepared to be the one they’re saying bye to. It won’t be a celebration in a few weeks when you or them are on a ventilator.
And it’s like, we shouldn’t even have to say things like this for people to get it. Fear should not be what drives people to do the right thing. I’m so sorry to all the healthcare professionals who will have to deal with the surge after the holidays with minimal PPE. Ugh.
I think what’s been most heartbreaking and what really makes me feel hopeless in this pandemic is truly seeing just how selfish people are. I could not have ever imagined this level of selfishness being possible. Where did we go wrong? I’m trying to grasp it and I can’t.
People are actively aware that they risk killing others around them by being reckless and that....isn’t enough to stop them from being reckless??? Send the flood @jesus.
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