⚡️Let's talk about the Public Utilities Commission in Rhode Island: A Thread.⚡️

The PUC is a governor-appointed 3 member committee with each member serving a 6-year term.
PUCs are democratically elected in 11 states and appointed in 39. Most states have 3 member boards. The largest commission consists of 7 members.
As of 2017, the salary for a commissioner ranged from $90,000 to $195,658. In 2019 the total combined salaries for the 3 Rhode Island PUC commissioners was a whopping $380,943.
Some may argue that high salaries are a deterrent against bribes, But when the commission has past industry buddies, National Grid doesn't need to bribe anyone.
The chairman of the PUC, Ronald Gerwatowski, worked as a top lawyer for Narragansett Electric and was an attorney for the industry from 1987-2014. During his endorsement process, he received numerous letters of support from past co-workers at National Grid
It's no surprise that an ex-National Grid lawyer would argue IN FAVOR of more pipelines at Aquidneck Island. He also incorrectly states that if the current pipeline had been wider, it would have prevented the gas outage that left thousands in the cold during the worst winter days
You may be asking yourself, WHY would an ex-National Grid lawyer be regulating public utilities? (us too!)
Because this process is not democratic, and commissioners are appointed, we have to look at WHO appoints them. Gina Raimondo, the governor of lil rhody, has a history of favoring fossil fuel executives.
Gina made several appointments to the Coastal Resources Management Council that included members sympathetic to National Grid ahead of a proposed LNG facility in South Providence.
Despite years of push back from community members, the LNG facility was approved, and National Grid won at the people's expense. (they make their money off building infrastructure!)
The PUC votes on rate hikes and has voted more than once to raise the cost of gas and electricity during the pandemic, while National Grid builds more dangerous fossil-fuel infrastructure at our expense.
We are the ocean state: we cannot afford to invest in fossil fuels, and we deserve a PUC that represents us.

We at @NationalizeGrid and @ProvDSA support a democratically elected Public Utilities Commission
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