Join me in calling for an audit of every fucking ballot cast in KY. Prove to me that this complete monster, traitor, and gravedigger of democracy won by almost 20 points (over 417,000 votes) when he did not campaign and was projected to come within just a few points of McGrath.
This was not simply R voters in KY voting along party lines. Mitch was the most public face of Trump’s treason; proudly referring to himself as the “grim reaper” of bills to help Americans; & we succeeded in flipping seats in equally red states. This needs to be looked at.
This man has obstructed every piece of legislation from benefitting Americans for decades while his home state of KY remains poor, uneducated, and dilapidated. He blocked Obama from telling America about Russia’s attack in 2016. He’s a traitor.
He blocked the SAFE act from securing our elections. He blocked the HEROES act from providing vital relief to Americans on the brink of economic collapse from COVID. He took money from Kremlin oligarchs and unsafe voting companies. He is Russia’s pawn.
While defeating Trump was a historic & necessary accomplishment, a deadlocked senate with McConnell in charge will severely undermine Biden’s ability to enact real change. State legislatures went Republican in 2020. Let’s take our gov’t back #ForThePeople
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