The man who said "I wish I could unsee what I've seen" abt *unconfirmed* Parler hack has spread false/irresponsible info on Twitter before, if I remember right. Take care.

As @MikaelThalen points out, screenshot floating around is from summer, not recent. Wait for verification.
Ah, I knew I had a receipt lying around here somewhere.

Here's the irresponsible thing he spread when Trump was infected with covid-19.
If anyone has seen concrete proof Parler was hacked, @ me, DM me, or email me ([email protected])

Otherwise don't amplify, it's unverified. We've seen a few fake "hacks" this year.
Also, this man does not work at the New York Times. Click the link! The newspaper has just written about him before, like two years ago.
More on the screenshots floating around 👇
😫😫😫 nooooo don’t trend it
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