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I'll present the historical Patent application and registration for all the associated Dominion Patents. Its 7 pages long, But I will focus on the last page...

Remember this, TIMELINES always show you what's hidden in plain sight.

First four pages:
1) Here is the last pages:
2) Now, as promised lets focus on the last page. Its a little confusing because the dates are all mixed up...(on purpose?)

But not to worry, I laid them out by timeline in the following tweets.
3) Starting back in 1987-1988..we see the first two Patent applications.
October 1987
September 1988
4) Then we dont see any more applications until December 1997...🤔
5) Then we see two more applied in 2004 - one in November, one in December...🤔
6) Now we see these Patents kick into high gear in 2011, including the now familiar "Dominion" patent...🤔

All applications in August 2011...
7) Let's look at at how those lay out against the Presidential election years...
OPTECH and AVC Advantage right BEFORE the 1988 Election that saw George Bush Sr..

Then nothing until the next one in 1997...WHY?
8) Was that a test run? Maybe.

But what if it was set up to help the OVERWHELMING ballots cast for Bill Clinton in 1992???
9) Because we dont see another "update" to the patent until December 1997, and it was Registered in July of 1999 - just in time for the November 2000 election that saw George Bush Jr win (after a ballot recount in Florida). That many people wanted Gore???🤔🤔
10) From 1997, we dont see another "update" until 2004. Its then we see two updates, one in June and one in December.

*But Mondo...the election happens in November of 2004???

Yes, correct, BUT what if its meant to affect the 2008 Election???
11) Yes folks...an OVERWHELMING win by a virtual nobody!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Looks like a repeat of the 1992 win by Bill Clinton...
12)...and lastly we come to the FOUR high-gear Patent updates which came in August 2011. Why four? Simple, by the time the second term was coming up, We the People had already been suffering, remember all the recession hardships? I do. Sooo, 2011 would set up the win in 2012..🙄
13)...Timelines...its what I trust.
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