Disability studies folk: What are some of your favorite recent pieces (books, blog posts, lectures) on disability (loosely defined). I'm revising my syllabus, and am especially looking for material on environmental/toxic harm, police violence, economic precarity, covid, etc.
Some of the things I'm thinking of including: Ben-Moshe's Decarcerating Disability, @sunaura_taylor's "Disabled Ecologies" (lecture), Jina Kim's "Disability in an Age of Fascism," Piepzna-Samarasinha's Care Work, and @sesmith's "When Disability is a Toxic Legacy"
Thank you all! I’m completely blown away by the response to this. I’m headed to bed, but I’ll put together a shareable google doc tomorrow of all the suggestions tomorrow and will be sure to post it here (it might not be the most organized, but the info will be there).
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