PM admits Canada no longer has vaccine production capability. That's because we privatized Connaught Labs—which contributed brilliantly to medical advances, incl development of polio vaccine. (see my book “The Sport & Prey of Capitalists”). Enough privatization! #cdnpoli #canlab
Connaught also developed smallpox vaccine, ending smallpox in CAN by 1940s. In 70s, at request of World Health Org, Connaught helped improve int'l vaccine standards, teaching foreign scientists at its labs. Conn credited with key role in global eradication of smallpox in 1980.
In 1972, U of T sold Connaught to Canada Development Corp, est. by Pierre Trudeau to maintain Cdn ownership of Cdn companies. Conn shares were sold to public. In 1980s, Mulroney fully privatized Connaught, selling it to foreign interests, ending decades of stunning achievements.
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