Normally I'd say this is your brain on drugs, but in Randy's case it's more complicated. This is his brain on the wrong kind of drugs rather than the kind he should take to quiet the voices in his head. /1
Randy Quaid's mental illness has been known for decades and it's been sad watching a once-good actor deteriorate into a punchline that isn't funny. I used to wonder why Dennis never did an intervention, but now realize Dennis just isn't as far along on that same path. /2
Mental illness is hereditary. I know this because my grandmother was mentally ill, her daughter (my mother) was mentally ill), and I am, too. Luckily I'm not in denial about it and learned how to manage it with drugs and therapy. /3
Also, not all mental illness are the same. Some are more severe. Some are variations of other illnesses. Some don't fall under any particular DSM label, like mine. I have elements of several but not enough criteria for a clear diagnosis. /4
I've been guilty of mocking mental illness like what we see with Kanye West, Randy Quaid, James Woods, and trump. They have people around them enabling the crazy rather than getting them help. /5
I'm not sure this thread has a specific point. That's one element of my illness, going on tangents and down rabbitholes. I digress. Non sequiturs happen when I lose focus. Maybe that's why my life has been a failure. I don't know. I'll stop typing now. /6
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