If Trump won decicively on Nov 3rd..

...would they have announced the Vaccine?
...would world leaders pivot this way?
...would The Great Reset have been boldly proclaimed?

We can't be told what will happen
...we have to be shown

Now there's no question.

These people are evil.
Coming VERY soon (within weeks)
What if i told you this election confusion is just a distraction?

All three movies playing at once.
You really think they'll get away with this?
Confirmation that Panic in DC is in reference to the 2020 Election. We are Q means Patriots will ensure Trump is inaugurated on Jan 20th.

The other two movies, FISAGATE and Guardians of the Pedophiles are also running, RIGHT NOW.

Where's Barr? Mr. B2?

Very busy.
In other words, Q is telling us that they WILL RIG and WILL "SUCCEED" at rigging the 2020 election. But we will win.
More foreknowledge of the steal

"Ensure your vote counts"

Oct 15th @GenFlynn
You really think @realDonaldTrump didn't know what he was retweeting when he retweeted the fiddle pic?
Before the election....
12 days later, 7 days after the election
Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming = DHS

Hmm that seems familiar....
Remember when Pence was comissioned to look into voter fraud in 2017 and many states WOULD NOT COMPLY and volunteer their voter data?

Remember when they said that the comission ended with no findings?

It didn't end.

It did not.

Oh, look who continued it....
Was the 2018 Midterm Election a fact finding exercise?
Secretary of Homeland Security https://twitter.com/SecNielsen/status/1107418223404830720?s=20
(is not a catchphrase)
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