So, many years ago I started compiling a list of attorneys on Twitter

The last time I tweeted it out was October 2019, and – as long as it was – it was missing quite a few folks (including my own lawyer @wolmanj)

And I've been updating it since
Someone suggested I instead create a public Twitter List instead, which would simplify following lawyers without having to visit every account of several hundred

A valid point!

Having stored the list for years in a textfile, there is no quick way for me to add folks to a Twitter List...

...without tweeting the updated list out one last time 😬
Hence, this thread 🤦‍♂️

Let me preface the forthcoming list by saying there were / are a few criteria for inclusion at the time they were added:

➡️ Lawyers
➡️ Twitter account is public
➡️ Reasonably active (though not necessarily about law)
➡️ *Generally* not an asshole
(That 4th point is important, because some folks have lost their f*cking minds these last 4 years on a variety of subjects – but nonetheless still typically have not-insane takes on legal topics. So I included them even if I don't like them. Including some who blocked me 😂)
➡️ We also haven't separated out the American attorneys from the attorneys in other countries. You'll find a number of UK / Canada / Australia / etc attorneys in the list

➡️ Folks who changed their @'s since the last time were removed because I couldn't find what they are now
And with that, I take a deep breath and tweak the copy/paste...
(Yes I know I broke the alpha order with Alyssa at the end, I forgot she's not a student anymore 🤦‍♂️ After formatting 15 tweets deep I wasn't going back to the beginning 😂)
And though they are not part of #LawTwitter per se, there are several non-lawyers who know law stuff:
➡️ @BlanksSlate
➡️ @kathryntewson
➡️ @pebonilla
➡️ @WalterOlson

And law students:
➡️ @not_BrianFrance
➡️ @thehandsomezach
This will, hopefully, mark the retirement of my textfile 😂

I'm going to work on adding these folks to a Twitter List sometime later and will just update from there
If you were omitted, please don't take it personally – after awhile it just gets really f*ckin' hard to keep an accurate list

Feel free to reply to this tweet if I missed you but you want to be added to the Twitter List whenever it's created
Back when I first went viral, in the halcyon days of February 2016, a bunch of folks asked me what other lawyers I recommended they follow on Twitter

And like the Threadnought, PBMT, and so much else, it soon got out of hand 😂

This is Exhibit Pick-A-Number on why I'm retiring the list lol
The " #LawTwitter MegaList" will be here:
In place of which account? I have OGLawPanda on there a few tweets up
See?? You're another one that I *could have sworn I added already* back in 2019 🤦‍♂️
I've got 135K followers, going Private does diddly :\\

Instead I untag them from the convo in the next tweet so they *should* only get the tweet they're mentioned in
The asshole clause was more 404(b)-esque: nominally a rule of exclusion, but more an explanation for why several assholes made the list 😉

I just missed you, I'll add you in
Jesus I hope not
You're another one I thought I added back in the early Threadnought days 😑
You can follow @greg_doucette.
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