Game Changer - For several years I have been astonished & frustrated that @JustinTrudeau keeps saying #KXL #TMX are consistent with our climate targets. Today's report from Canada's Energy Regulator confirms that neither #TMX or #KXL are consistent w climate goals #cdnpoli THREAD
Take a close look at pg 14. Under both Evolving and Net Zero scenarios #TMX and #KXL are not needed. The one scenario where that shows the pipelines needed "will not meet Canada's climate goals (Pg 62). #cdnpoli
Let's be clear. #TMX was a political decision. According to @JustinTrudeau himself it was a "deal" made w Notley that has since fallen through. It is only 6-7% built & since investors pulled out & Trudeau bought it, to continue building it will take $10 Billion taxpayers dollars
Building it threatens the safety and security of Burnaby residents as the tank farm expansion puts them and @SFU in the blast zone according to numerous city submissions and the deputy fire marshall during the review #TMX
It is opposed by many indigenous nations (yes some have signed agreements to support but all Nations deserve to have their rights respected, this is not a numbers game), some of whom are blockading the pipeline #tmx
Canadian Energy Regulator report makes clear that building #TMX or #KXL is inconsistent w climate goals. We also know that oil demand is dropping fast and the price is not rebounding. Time for expansion of oilsands is over. Spending billions for a stranded asset is ludicrous
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