A Thread on Trump Crimes 1/20

As Trump is nearing the end of his Presidential shield against criminal prosecution, lets preview a bit of Donald Trump's own (personal) crimes & civil lawsuits that are coming up.

This is an overview thread
Trump Crimes thread 2/20

Trump has a SERIES of crimes & civil lawsuits coming up, that have DRAMATICALLY different impacts. Let's be clear about these. So a brief intro thread to the full range of what awaits Trump from January 20, 2021
Trump Crimes thread 3/20

Understand Trump STANDARD operating procedure. He lies, he denies, he falsifies. Refuses testimony, refuses evidence, destroys evidence. Fires happen at Trump offices in alarming frequency. Plus he bribes & intimidates. Onerous Non-disclosure agreements
Trump Crimes thread 4/20

Trump is a serial con artist, and serial criminal. So first. CIVIL trials. These are not 'crimes' they are just breaches of contract. Almost any Trump contract has been broken by Trump. And he's been in 4,000 lawsuits, personally (may be a world record)
Trump Crimes thread 5/

BEFORE Trump ran for President in 2015, he had broken HUNDREDS of contracts & faced hundreds of lawsuits still active (like Trump University etc). Trump regularly settles. But his CASES often were problematic with missing evidence or testimony
Trump Crimes thread 6/

In many cases those will now have expired due to 'statute of limitations' but NOT ALL. And with FBI raid of Michael Cohen's office, a treasure trove of evidence is in the hands of the FBI, that Trump cannot destroy by 'accidental fire'.
Trump Crimes thread 7/20

These include civil trials related to Trump sex scandals, civil trial by Mary Trump of fraud in some last will & testament, etc. No doubt dozens of tenants & housing contractors etc with various gripes. These do not involve prison time
Trump Crimes thread 8/20

The civil trials are going to tarnish Trump's image.

Next are TAX FRAUD trials in New York, Illinois, California, Florida etc. They involve prison time, and tax crimes never expire. State crimes cannot be pardoned the President. Trump will do time
Trump Crimes thread 9/20

Because of the SCALE of the tax fraud crimes ($182 million dollars etc...) - the prison time will exceed Trump's remaining life span. He will never get out of prison, JUST on STATE TAX crimes. But now, understand impact...
Trump Crimes thread 10/20

Because Trump will (rapidly) be convicted of serial tax fraud, & imprisoned for life - he is a CONVICT - in ALL OTHER trials. He cannot refuse a DNA sample, the doctors in the prison simply take a blood sample. He cannot avoid a hearing or court session
Trump Crimes thread 11/20

BUT because Trump has a LONG SERIES of trials, we will never get to forget his ever-increasing series of lawsuits - like say forgotten Manafort or General Flynn were. Trump will be on trial every month for YEARS, always becoming ever worse for each loss
Trump Crimes thread 12/20

Trump FEDERAL crimes include money laundering and sanctions-busting from BEFORE he ran for President. This is Putin money, laundered through Trump properties. These are 'treasonous' crimes. Aiding a foreign adversary UNDER SANCTIONS. This is FAR worse
Trump Crimes thread 13/20

It is VERY difficult to prove & prosecute money laundering financial crimes. You'd pretty much have to have someone on the inside, making recordings, and ideally have the accountant flip & testify. But this is immense crime. 500 years of prison time
Trump Crimes thread 14/20

The FBI raid of Michael Cohen office gets (at least some) of the money-laundering & sanctions-busting evidence (including recordings). Trump's ACCOUNTANT Allen Weisselberg flipped because of Cohen evidence. So we have the accountant too! Game over!
Trump Crimes thread 15/20

Before he was elected, we have Trump campaign July 2015-Nov 2016. THAT is corrupt to the core. Paul Manafort brought in Putin bribes, laundered through the NRA, not just to Trump, but to the GOP. These are CAMPAIGN FINANCE crimes.. likely only fines
Trump Crimes thread 16/20

The Trump 2016 campaign crimes will tie him to Putin, but likely not bring more prison time. It will tarnish his whole 'MAGA' brand as a willing 'Machurian Candidate' likely taking many Republicans down with him. This is still Michael Cohen evidence...
Trump Crimes thread 17/20

After Nov 2016 comes Trump transition. Here we get bribes, a pay-to-play scheme, where Trump sold his Cabinet posts and ambassadorships etc. Selling a government position is a crime, more prison time. FOR EVERY SALE. AND the 'recipient' is also guilty
Trump Crimes thread 18/20

Where Trump sold SOME postings for bribes, and that relationship soured (as most did), some will flip. Then the pattern emerges, and ALL come clean. Trump is in prison for life, bitter, likely will testify against every one, wanting them also in prison
Trump Crimes thread 19/

Then comes Trump Presidency, a kleptocracy. Every decision for Trump is 'transactional'. Pay Trump for his decision. Some times it is a favor, often it is a monetary bribe. These are all crimes of corruption, with even MORE prison time.
Trump Crimes thread 20/20

Everything from Melania's Rose Garden destruction to Pompeo's arms sales to Saudi, will involve bribes & kick-backs to Trump. More prison time.

BUT I believe, the worst crime was that Trump sold SCOTUS seats. Those bribes will also be exposed, in time.
PS Trump Crimes thread 1/2

The thread was ONLY about crimes committed by Donald Trump himself. There ALSO are crimes by his Hitler Jugend kids, separately. Then crimes by his White House Trumpomobsters, separately. Then crimes by selected OTHER Republicans, and NRA.. separately.
PS Trump Crimes thread 2/2

I seriously expect Trump final cumulative sentence to be roughly 1,000 years (eligible for parole in 800). That is the correct magnitude

And Trumpomobsters? Well over 100 will go to prison. Far more than Nixon's Watergate crime spree
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