The Things You Become: character epithets
Moon Taeil: The Bastard King
Qian Kun: The Forgotten Prince
Johnny: The Enforcer

John of the Blood, The Mongrel, The King’s Justice
Ten: The Executioner

The Silence, He Who Walks, The Bloody Hand
Doyoung: The Wraith
Taeyong: The Harbinger
Sicheng: The Deathless
Jaehyun: The Nameless

Jung Yuno, The River Wretch, Jeffrey, James of the Canals, Jane, Love, Vermin, Old Yulia, Julian Caffrey, Janine of the Many Faces,
Donghyuck: Daywalker

Haechan, The Prodigal Son
Mark: Shadowbinder

Monster, The Noble Martyr
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