"This case is not about what you've been hearing...243 dead people in Philadelphia voting....what happened here was hundreds of thousands of votes in certain states. It also was not widespread."
"The Democrats are right about something. It isn't that this is widespread. It was very strategic, it was very narrow and deep in certain places."
"They picked five cities that they could commit crazy fraud, in some new ways, crazy deep fraud, and by cheating those five counties, you flip five key states, you flip the Electoral College. It was very well thought out."
"There are ten different ways to hack it."
"The election system is a joke."
"Drop and roll - an election fraud technique"
The 5 cities: Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit and Maricopa County (Phoenix)
"Note that the first four cities are heavily African American"
Byrne says they claim voter suppression of Black people when you challenge them on what they're doing.
"It's the people running the equipment" not the people.
"The elite class has always hid behind Black people. They use them."
"Drop and roll"
- "At a certain point in the election counting, they essentially freeze and they see how much their candidate is behind. And then they drop, they shut the ballots, the voting down, they drop a big stack of ballots"
"to get their man over the guy who is actually winning, and then they just set, they just - whatever new batch that comes in is pre-figured."
"There's some examples where 53 batches in a row, and this is all revealed in data...and every batch measures exactly...and they roll that difference forward until it's over."

"It was done both in the physical ballots and in chicanery within the software."
"This isn't even close."
"A lot of whistleblowers and data has been coming forwards toward me"
"This absolutely needs to be fought out in the courts"
"Any election official in the country, given what has come out, anyone who signs a certification has personal legal liability."
"How this was done. It was much much deeper than in the past. At the heart of all this is software that was developed in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez to rig his election [Smartmatic]...from a series of corporate M&A it has emerged as the core of 2 of the brands of election machinery"
"-- there, one of them being Dominion...and the guts of it includes all this functionality and software that was actually from Venezuela to help a dictator rig his elections."
"It may turn out this happened in 2012....In 2016 somebody blocked it...I know exactly who shut it down in 2016."
"We have clear evidence that they are targeting certain Congressmen and flipping seats...there were certain areas they cheated like hell."

Both sides "in on it"
The software was supposed to take care of it, says Byrne, that's why the planned winner in 2016 and 2020 didn't do too much campaigning.
"Should be investigating who was it that chose to bring this software in. Even the most cursory due diligence would show that we should not be running elections on it."
Someone comes into the video and Byrne says "I think I should wrap things up in the next minute."

This is a very dangerous, very scary situation, and I just sit here and pray. I just want things to be normal.
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