Tough to imagine a worse unforced error in @MayorDaniella's first week than appointing Jimmy Morales Chief Operations Officer. If her idea of "a new day" is to empower the same villains who made us the most corrupt county in America, it's going to be a long 4 years. #BecauseMiami
Everything @MayorDaniella says about Jimmy Morales here is a lie. How she can appoint him to such an important position in our county and be so staggeringly ignorant about his record is alarming. It's like she cancelled her own administration before it even started. #BecauseMiami
For the last 7 years, Jimmy Morales was the city manager who ran Miami Beach into the ground: the city has been paralyzed by corruption, pollution and violence. Exactly what @MayorDaniella promised to fix in Miami-Dade. Here are some lowlights of his disastrous tenure:
2015: @MiamiBeachPD cop Fabio Cabrera violated department policy and executed a suspect on the street during #ArtBasel with an AR-15. He was never disciplined and, instead, got promoted. This is the "forward-thinking leadership" of Jimmy Morales @MayorDaniella talks about?
Miami Beach Det. Philippe Archer beat a handcuffed woman on video, several men, has 55 misconduct complaints for abuse, wrongful arrest and taxpayers have settled 9 lawsuits against him for $500,000. Still on Jimmy Morales's police force:
Just this past Spring Break, @MiamiBeachPD officers were caught running amok, beating and falsely arresting Black tourists on Ocean Drive. This is Jimmy Morales's FAILED strategy to get the declining Entertainment District "under control." @MayorDaniella
Under Jimmy Morales's mismanagement, Miami Beach has been sued multiple times for racial discrimination. In one case, a 37-year city worker says a supervisor called him a "stupid-ass n*gger" and "the city just threw [his formal complaint] under the table."
For years, Jimmy Morales allowed Miami Beach stormwater pumps to dump oil, dirt, debris, dog feces, pesticides, and other runoff into Biscayne Bay, polluting our waters — so @MayorDaniella appoints him to run the whole county Water and Sewer department?
Miami Beach Parking Dep. is a criminal racketeering organization engaged in a pattern or practice of giving tickets when parking is paid for. Then make it tough to dispute so tourists & locals just pay fines. Jimmy Morales helped parking director Saul Frances continue this fraud.
Jimmy Morales spent $300,000 in Miami Beach taxpayer money to commission an #ArtBasel sand piece on climate change that may have polluted beach with toxic materials #BecauseMiami (Beach):
The @ACLUFLMiami sued Jimmy Morales for censoring Black artists after he removed their art honoring #RaymondHerisse, who was shot 16 times by cops who fired 100+ rounds, wounded 4 bystanders on Memorial Day 2011 — @KathyFndzRundle cleared all the cops:
In March, following years of warnings that city pipes are 50-100 years old, Jimmy Morales dumped 1.4 million gallons of raw sewage into Miami Beach waters after multiple breaks ( @MayorDaniella put him in charge of our county's Water and Sewer department):
2018: Winmar Construction Inc. and AlliedBean Demolition illegally demolished a building on Collins Ave and 57th St, killing a construction worker after his leg was severed in the disaster. Jimmy Morales did nothing, let them keep working @MayorDaniella:
After declaring an emergency and imposing a "stay at home" order last Spring, Miami Beach city manager and Pandemic Profiteer Jimmy Morales sent out his parking enforcement goons to ticket residents
Miami Beach residents complained for 5 months about illegal “MIA Experience" party house with armed bouncers, luxury cars & porn shoots, warned @CityManagerMB "you’ll be sorry when something serious happens;" then 2 people got shot, bullets hit other homes
Now @MayorDaniella appoints Jimmy Morales Chief Operations Officer to oversee Water & Sewer, Transportation & Public Works, Department of Regulatory & Economic Resources, Parks, Recreation & Open Spaces, Solid Waste Management, Elections, Aviation, and the Seaport. #BecauseMiami
We elect our first female mayor and first thing she does is appoint 4 men to chief positions. A progressive environmentalist who promised to "reform county government” and she hires Jimmy Morales, a corrupt regressive polluter, who has poisoned Miami-Dade politics for decades.
CORRECTION: We elect our first female mayor and first thing @MayorDaniella does is appoint FIVE (not 4) men to chief positions: Edward Marquez (CFO), J.D. Patterson (Public Safety), Peter Paige (Chief Medical Officer), Morris Copeland (Community Services) and Jimmy Morales (COO).
#BREAKING: @Miami_NAACP calls on @MayorDaniella to withdraw her appointment of Jimmy Morales to Chief Operations Officer: “Morales should not be celebrated, tolerated or promoted to lead any office in Miami-Dade County.”
Jimmy Morales ran for Miami-Dade mayor in 2004 on platform of campaign-finance reform & limiting contributions, took $350,000 in public campaign funding then set up secret slush fund called "Hispanics for Better Government," violating a law he wrote as commissioner #BecauseMiami
Morales lied about the scheme but @MiamiHerald had the receipts, exposed him as a fraud & he lost the election. He was accused "of accepting prohibited gifts, violating campaign finance laws by accepting contributions from corporate entities & prohibited contributions by a PAC."
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